Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

Frequently Asked Questions

The stock bottle selection does not meet my needs, how quickly can I receive my order?

You may be able to find what you need through out Protoype Molds. Alpha Packaging has unit cavity molds for a wide variety of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging styles. For more information about this offering please see our Protoype Molds page. Be sure to check back to often as our inventory of in-stock bottles changes frequently!

What services are available for custom projects?

Alpha Packaging is a leader in the industry and we pride ourselves on our customer service. From Custom Colors to Custom Molds we provide any service you’ll need to make an exceptional package. Our team understands the importance of the aesthetics and engineering aspects that go into package creation – and we have the tools to ensure your custom package is a success. To speak to a representative about more details, please visit our contact page.

What type of plastic works best for my product?

Determining the right type of packaging is dependent upon your product. We’ve developed a plastics comparison chart to help you decide and are always willing to answer questions if need be!