Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

Case Studies

While many customers know us for our wide variety of stock bottles and ability to service them quickly, some of our favorite stories involve the custom molds we’ve developed for companies across every industry we serve. Whether it’s creating a bottle that wins design awards, or engineering a new jar to be more sustainable, our Design & Engineering team loves opportunities to make our customers shine:

CASE STUDY: Green Groom

Green GroomSenproco manufactures the Green Groom line of safe, natural and biodegradable pet grooming products. Because all nine products are environmentally friendly, Senproco also wanted its packaging to make the smallest impact possible on the environment. Working with TricorBraun, Senproco chose Alpha Packaging to manufacture a custom bottle and selected Technigraph to provide print design and decoration.

One reason Senproco selected Alpha was because Alpha could make the custom bottles using 100% recycled (post-consumer) PET, which helped Senproco meet its sustainability goals. Alpha also helped Senproco meet its budgetary goals by using an existing PET preform to create the custom 16 oz. pinch-waist cylinder. Dramatically less costly than a brand new tool, Alpha built the custom blow set in about eight weeks from receiving design approval.

Senproco also wanted a distinctive graphic to differentiate its brand, but didn’t want to compromise its Earth-friendly bottle with pressure-sensitive labels that require a lot of glue or other surface treatments that are bad for the environment. It chose Alpha’s Technigraph division for its proprietary Eco-Frost™ spray frost and environmentally-friendly UV screen printing. To give the Green Groom line a truly unique look and emphasize the bottle’s custom curves, Technigraph spray coated the waist of the bottle with a vibrant green color and applied a three color screen print with half tone accents for the copy and brand icon.

CASE STUDY: Turtle Wax Sprayers

Turtle WaxTurtle Wax wanted to launch a new line of automotive appearance products by the spring 2014 season, and it wanted a new, custom line of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles across three sizes (16oz, 23oz and 26oz). The company evaluated options from several packaging suppliers, and ultimately selected designs created by Studio 111, a division of Berlin Packaging. Berlin selected Alpha to manufacture the new bottles since Alpha has worked with Turtle Wax for over 20 years to bring many products to market in both stock and custom packages. As an experienced supplier to the automotive market, Alpha also had the existing preforms required to quickly develop custom solutions, and were known for our ability to match opaque metallic colors for 2-stage PET bottles.

All three of the bottles in the new line incorporate 30% post-consumer PET plastic, which saved a total of 52,650,000 grams (or more than 116,000 pounds!) of virgin resin across 4.5 million bottles of varying sizes. The 16oz bottle was light-weighted from 43 grams to 34 grams (21% reduction), and the 26-ounce bottle was light-weighted from 53 grams to 43 grams (19% reduction), for a total savings of 28,000,000 grams (62,000 pounds!) of plastic. And, from a cost-saving perspective, by using existing PET preforms and in-house tool building resources, Alpha was able to bring the whole line to market quickly and within budget.

CASE STUDY: Misty Artesian Water

Misty BottlesBreast Cancer Awareness Month has become one of the United States’ most prominent “cause campaigns," and Alpha Packaging got involved in 2013. Our Breast Cancer Awareness Bottle or “ribbon bottle” as it has been called, is a custom water bottle built for our distributor customer, Container and Packaging Supply, for their customer Misty Artesian Water.

The Misty Artesian Water “ribbon bottle” not only features the outlined shape of the iconic breast cancer ribbon, but it also has debossed areas in the center and bottom (both front and back sides) to truly echo the appearance of a pinned ribbon. The 16-ounce bottle is made using the 2-stage PET process in Cleveland, and it utilized an existing 28-PCO preform.

Two-color screen printing, which is uncommon in the bottled water segment, reinforces Misty’s “pure for the cure” mission, and allows Misty Artesian Water to communicate marketing content and mandatory nutrition facts on the odd-shaped bottle. Direct screen printing was done at Technigraph.

CASE STUDY: Gumout /Shell Lubricants

Gumout BottlesAlpha was engaged to develop packaging for a concentrated fuel injection cleaner for Shell Lubricant’s Gumout line that delivers the same number of treatments in smaller, lighter-weight containers. Shell asked Alpha to eliminate PVC plastic and all and secondary materials from the automotive chemical packaging, and utilize recycled and/or recyclable materials in the new package.

Shell worked with Alpha’s Cleveland plant to create two sizes of clear PET bottles to replace colored PVC bottles with secondary cardstock elements. To maximize shipping efficiency, Shell also converted the supply chain to a more regional system, transferring bottle blow molding, filling and finished goods distribution from Texas to Ohio.

The new PET bottles are blow molded in Ohio, filled in Ohio (40 miles from Alpha’s plant), and distributed from a distribution warehouse in Ohio for substantial savings in energy, fuel and transportation usage, and with the move to smaller bottles, the number of bottles per truck increased from 61,200 to 153,600 for the 6oz bottle, and from 46,800 to 100,800 per truck for the 10oz bottle.