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HDPE Indented Label Round Packers

Alpha makes nine sizes of HDPE indented label wide mouth packers ranging in size from 40cc to 600cc, and five large indented label rounds ranging in size from 2000cc to 3785cc. Each of these rounds is injection blow molded.

This style is also known as Label-Saver recessed panel bottles, because the indented label panel helps protect labels and silkscreen docoration. We also manufacture many an extrusion blow molded line of recessed panel rounds, so please check our full catalog for options.

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Size Overflow Neck Finish Case Pack Weight (gm) Height x Diameter Label Panel (H) Add to Cart
40cc 54cc 33-400 1300/T 9.0 2.515 x 1.520 1.510
60cc 73cc 33-400 1000/T 10.0 2.981 x 1.590 1.945
75cc 95cc 38-400 790/T 13.0 3.150 x 1.720 1.906
100cc 118cc 38-400 640/T 14.5 3.360 x 1.900 2.080
120cc 146cc 38-400 450/T 17.0 3.792 x 1.975 2.310
150cc 185cc 45-400 400/T 19.5 3.905 x 2.150 2.478
200cc 230cc 45-400 294/T 23.0 4.140 x 2.340 2.530
250cc 305cc 45-400 270 27.5 4.688 x 2.536 3.100
600cc* 670cc 70-400 119 43.0 6.115 x 3.110 4.210
2000cc 2024cc 110-400 770/pal. 91.0 7.090 x 5.045 4.548
2500cc 2630cc 110-400 590/pal. 99.9 7.725 x 5.556 4.920
3000cc 3370cc 110-400 472/pal. 99.9 9.620 x 5.575 6.635

T=Tumble Pack; all other products are Stack Packed. *Outsourced item manufactured at a facility outside of Alpha's manufacturing network. The 2000cc, 2500cc, 3000cc and 3785cc Indented Large Rounds are manufactured at Alpha's Salt Lake City facility. Indented Large Rounds are packed in bags and there is a one-pallet minimum per order. These large rounds are not surface treated, so if you plan to use a silk screen label, your silk screener will need to flame treat the bottles prior to labeling.