Stock and Custom Plastic Packaging

Prototype Molds

Alpha Packaging has unit cavity molds for a wide variety of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging styles. For customers interested in taking advantage of these unique packages, our prototypes are ready to be developed for production with minimal investment of time and capital. Please contact your Sales Representative for additional information.

The Adobe Acrobat Plugin is required to view the drawings. It's free and quick to download and install. Get it here.

Product Name Neck Finish Download PDF Drawing
30ml Bullet 20-SP* view PDF
45ml Bullet 20-SP* view PDF
2oz Oblong 20-SP* view PDF
2oz Straight Sided Modern Round 20-SP* view PDF
2oz Indented Label Modern Round 20-SP* view PDF
3oz Diamond 24-410 view PDF
100cc Beveled Square Packer 38-400 view PDF
100cc Indented Label Packer 38-400 view PDF
100cc Stress Line Packer 38-400 view PDF
120cc Oblong 38-400 view PDF
120cc Frontier Packer 38-400 view PDF
150cc Sloped Shoulder Packer 38-400 view PDF
200cc Boston Oval 24-400 view PDF
200cc Indented Drink Bottle 38-400 view PDF
200cc Hexagon 45-400 view PDF
250cc Dodecagon 45-400 view PDF
4oz PET Fairmont Tapered Square 24-410 view PDF
8oz PET Fairmont Tapered Square 24-410 view PDF
8oz Milan jar 70-400 view PDF
10oz Paramount 24-410 view PDF
12oz Napa 24-410 view PDF
3650cc Indented Label Large Round 110-400 view PDF
*special Comination Finish That Accepts Either 20-400 or 20-410 Closure